■ Book Library membership is only entitled to Own Family. Friends and Relatives are NOT allowed to exchange books! 

■ Membership fees once paid will not be Refunded.

■ Non-responsive towards continues reminder to you over SMS / Emails / Calls post your membership due date will be charged if in delay in Payment / Returning Books.

■ Kindly be responsible while returning books according to your membership due date to avoid further charges.

■ If you do not avail any book for reading during your membership then please ask for refund of deposit or Ensure your deposit entry in our computer system to confirm your deposit amounts with us. 

■ Wet Books / Magazines / Comics will not be accepted under any circumstances. 

■ NO GRACE PERIOD for charge of monthly membership shall be permitted under any circumstances for late book returns etc.

■ Deposits will be forfeited if Any Books / Magazines/ Comics are TORN / DAMAGED/ LOST/ WET. 

■ 2 Books Issue at a time & get them back together.

■ Lost Books / Magazines / Comics will be charged as per prevailing market rate.

■ Payment by Cheque should be drawn favouring ROXY BOOK SHOP

■ We accept all major Credit Cards.

■ Books should be returned strictly within 6 days.

■ Magazines & Comics should be returned strictly within 3 days.

■ Late fees will be charged if Books / Magazines / Comics are not returned in prescribed Reading Time.