About Us

Since its inception in 1967, ROXY LIBRARY is one of the largest private circulating book libraries in suburban area. It has been successful in serving the readers with a collection over 50,000 titles in multiple genres, languages across all ages.

In this era of technological revolution, the habit of reading has taken a hit. Over the past few years, we have identified few issues with the readers which interrupted their reading passion.

  • Lack of great libraries in the vicinity

  • Limited collection of books and magazines

  • Alternative sources of digital world which takes ample of their time

Roxy Book Library intends to make your reading a hassle free and a pleasurable experience. In order to help the book lovers who are deprived of reading and offering easy availability of the required books at the lower cost, Roxy Library is dedicated towards 24*7 online book renting library. ‘You don't have to buy books you need; we'll help you rent them’

From children books to teenagers, from students to professionals, from businessmen to senior retires, Roxy Library aims at everyone from wide range of multiple categories in multilingual books.

So come over, get into the habit of reading and let our books be your next best friends!!!


ROXY LIBRARY is the only library offering multiple choices 


TOY LIBRARY                                                 

Every child spends their time playing with toys or games but have you ever thought what kind of toy do they need?


  • Help your child develop motor skills

  • Refine their imagination and mind development

  • Satisfy their natural curiosity and be smart one!


Then just Join Roxy Toy Library and let your child play with different toys every week and hence be responsible!




Roxy Library also offers you selling all new copies of books once they are released or in the market. Read with original prints and get amazing discounts as well.



Vision Coming Soon...


Liking turned into passion

Passion turned into business

Bharat Chheda, The Man in Action' Never Stops Pursuing

To Gift People an Art of Reading

And His Love for Books

Roxy Circulating Library Mantra, “Bring People Back to The Habit Of Reading Which Is Dying Art That Needs To Be Preserved!

Roxy Library so called ‘5 decades vintage library’ and it has maintained as an asset for generations with more than 50,000 titles. It will continue to be in the same spirit of serving multi-lingual readers for generations and will add more 3-4 regional language books.


We offer our customers:

Choice: 5 multilingual languages books available 

 Collection: Over 50,000 books to choose from

 Convenience: Door to Door books delivery saving your travel time

Quality: Offering original prints and all our books are in mint condition. We have a strict stand against any pirated form of books


Pocket Friendly: Convenient and reasonable reading plans depending on your reading preference

Thus, main mission is to make reading a regular habit for every generation.