ISBN No : 9789357768696

Language : English

Categories : Children

Sub Categories : FICTION

Publisher : RED PANDA

When a mysterious virus starts turning people blue, Pearl’s mother hurriedly packs her off to her grandparents' house in Spic-and-Span Town. Little do they know that this sleepy town is the epicentre of a secret world.
It is here that Pearl meets Zazuela, the good witch with a heart of gold, and gets sent on a mission to outwit the devious trickster Izzi Berton. Along for the ride are Pearl’s pint-sized friends—the impish Tumbletash, the super-brainy Professor Kaspar and the playful duo Ping and Pong.
Izzi had hoodwinked the witches and wizards into attending an International Conference, where he stole every ounce of their magic. The world is now in turmoil. Pearl and her tiny crew must find the only hope—the two magical buttons—that will bring the world back to its colourful, enchanting self.
Can they outwit the conniving Izzi Berton, make his terrible wrongs right? Join these friends on a rollercoaster ride through a land of spells, riddles and giggle, and of courage, friendship and whimsy in The Mystery of the Magic Buttons.
Let the adventure unfold … one button at a time!

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