Author : ASHU DUTT

ISBN No : 9788170948773

Language : English


Publisher : Vision Books

"Charts are for trading as water is for fish. You cannot trade without knowing how to read a technical chart," says financial markets guru, Ashu Dutt

"Trading the markets is a game of odds. The goal is to improve your odds. The odds of making the greatest profit at the minimum possible risk."

In this book, Ashu explains everything you need to master technical charts. Each of these 15 steps will help you read what the charts are revealing about the market and what and how you should trade. A mastery of charts will hugely improve your trading odds and trading profits:


  • How charts reveal the market's collective mood and trading action


  • How to use the combination of price, volume and time to confirm price rallies and declines


  • How to improve your trades by mastering support and resistance


  • How to stop trading losses and protect your gains using stop loss


  • How to make money trading accumulation and distribution


  • Wait out the head, trade the body and exit at the tail


  • How to develop a successful trading plan of your own


  • How to read charts for short and long term trading; day trading, swing trading and position trading


  • How to find out if a chart may be misleading you


  • How to find trades that fit you and will make you money.


  • PLUS, The Chart Grader Quiz and much, much more!
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