ISBN No : 9781637146996

Language : English


Publisher : NOTION PRESS

Life can and will change for good or bad. Whether sudden or planned, physical or emotional, personal or professional, big or small, one fine day we will all have to face a new normal. When your day comes, what will you do? One fine day, unimaginable tragedy happened to Sameer Bhide. His entire life came crashing down, starting with a life-changing, debilitating stroke, the loss of work, and a divorce. One Fine Day is the amazing story of his struggle to come back from the brink with the help of a diverse community of friends and caretakers, as well as an integration of Western medicine with Eastern holistic care. Sameer’s example of positivity, gratitude, and grace will help you accept a new normal― whatever it may be―as a gift. In sharing his personal story, experiences, ideas, approaches, and suggestions, he hopes One Fine Day will help readers:    build resilience to face any life change or adversity  find positivity, express gratitude, and build perseverance in the healing process  look at the unexpected benefits and find possibilities in any life change find possibility where most people would see none (the art of the possible)  adjust to a new life that they may not have chosen  supplement cutting-edge Western medicine with holistic Eastern medicine and care

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