ISBN No : 9780263302752

Language : English

Categories : FICTION

Sub Categories : MILLS & BOON

Publisher : Harper Collins

An unexpected Christmas gift

When chauffeur Keira Ryan accidentally drives her car into a snowdrift, she and her devastatingly attractive passenger must find a hotel…only to discover they’ll be sharing a bed! Luckily, billionaire Matteo Valenti takes it upon himself to show Keira just how to make the most of a bad situation—with the most sizzling experience of her life, that leads to one unexpected surprise!
Italian tycoon Vito Zaffari is waiting out the festive season at a snow-covered English cottage while a family scandal fades from the press. He’s determined to shut out the world, until a beautiful bombshell dressed as Santa literally crashes into his Christmas! Innocent Holly Cleaver sneaks under Vito's defenses until he can’t imagine Christmas, or forever, without her…
Violet Drummond can't face another office Christmas party as a singleton, but friend Cameron McKinnon seems like the perfect platonic ‘plus one’. Until he reveals his plan to make Violet his convenient fiancée! The architect sees this charade as the perfect escape from the unwelcome attention of an important client's wife, but soon fake feelings shift to real attraction

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