FLYING HIGH a parsi life of gratitude


ISBN No : 9789356103542

Language : English



At the age of five, Noshir Sanjana's childhood in Shimla was enveloped in his huge blue toy cupboard. Leaving it behind and fleeing Shimla in 1947 with his parents, brother Rusi and sister Lily, in The Burning Blue Cupboard, to marrying the love of his life in Married Six Times to the Same Woman, (hear that, Liz Taylor?) Noshir Sanjana takes his readers on a fun-filled adventure through several decades of his life. Climb aboard his magic carpet in Flying High and meet Mother Teresa in the sky at 30,000 feet in Mother Teresa's Miracle; take a layover in Hotel Marriott in Jeddah and run into Idi Amin, the butcher of Uganda, in the swimming pool changing room in your Speedos in JAMBO! Come, Let's Jacuzzi Together; fly back to Bombay confront the then, reigning world wrestling champion in a road rage encounter (yours, not his) in An Encounter with Dara Singh. Travel with Noshir Sanjana on his multi-faceted career in Air India, his stranger than fiction adventures, his deep attachment to family and friends in a life well lived in harmony with all. Tucked into these 37 nuggets is the somber realization of a here- today gone-tomorrow life with two Air India airplane crashes covered in touching and grief-stricken detail. This masterpiece of contemporary writings, written entirely on a Samsung Galaxy A 71 mobile phone by Noshir Sanjana, is a must read for all Parsis, past and current employees of Air India, and everyone who enjoys the art of good story telling in short captivating beats.

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