ISBN No : 6927049000195

Language : English

Categories : TOY

Sub Categories : FUN MUSICAL

Playing Contents(s) : 1

Age Criteria : 2+

Company Name : CLASSIC WORLD

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This fabulous rocket toy will surprise your child while providing him or her with multiple skills. It is a wonderful learning and playing station, for this wooden activity play center is equipped with many toys that will definitely meet your requirements as well as satiating your child’s expectation: 8 separated and independent sides, and each side is designed with different small gadgets like gears, clocks, a little mirror, etc. that will bring endless fun for your toddler. The bead coasters on the base top make the toy even more fun. The wooden toy provides ample ways of playing and learning with its educational and recreational value. This toy encourages learning by playing, sparks your child’s imagination, and improves fine motor skills.With all the different types of game in one toy children can have hours of fun.

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