ISBN No : 6971953980067

Language : English

Categories : TOY

Sub Categories : BOARD GAMES

Playing Contents(s) : 45

Age Criteria : 3+

Company Name : DUOQU

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Help children increase their ability to observe and recognize colors. Good categorization - these are pre-mathematical concepts. How to play candy Duoqu like? - First, like with other toys, before playing, parents should introduce their children about what the toy name is. - After that, for children who just started playing, the ability to classify colors is not good, parents should choose one-color candies, corresponding to which only use 1 dice to play. Parents ask your child to drop the dice, and choose the corresponding candy color and then read the color name. - Next, when your child is proficient, continue to choose the 2-color candies for the one-color candy basket and then use 2 dice to choose the candy color respectively. Similarly use 3 dice to select candies from all candies in the basket. - For multiplayer games the rule of the circle drops the dice in turn, if the candy is removed from the basket, The next player's turn to not choose the candy will lose their turn In addition, parents can use the wooden candy pick-up toy to let their children learn about adding, counting, supplementing concepts. math for you.

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