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Language : English

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Sub Categories : FLASH CARDS

Playing Contents(s) : 24

Age Criteria : 0-3

Company Name : HUNGRY BRAINS

A fun way to learn different names of  Famous religious places of India. Current research confirms that learning starts as early as in the womb. Children have the greatest potential for developing the right brain from ages zero to six years old, with the highest potential being at the earlier ages. Learning through flash cards is a lifelong learning and aids the child in becoming smarter with its regular and appropriate exposure.

Different parts of India have different religion & so as their worshiping places. Hungry brain famous religious places of India flash cards include some of the major famous places of worshiping all across India. These flash cards will help your child easily know about the different religious places all over India.

Benefits of Flash Cards Learning: 

  • Playful learning: Flash cards develops the love of learning in fun and play manner.
  • Right brain learning: Flash card learning develops the right brain memory of a baby, the memory stored in the right brain stays for the lifetime.
  • Grasp Attention & Improve concentration: The Eye-Catching images on the flash cards make learning fun without any barriers. The attractive images interests children to concentrate which improves their concentration power and observational skills.
  • Parent and child bond: Flash card is a very interesting way to create bond between child and a parent.
  • Enrich Vocabulary: Learning with flash cards develops and enrich vocabulary in children and also enable the brain to remember the words and images at a speed.
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