ISBN No : 9780141339146

Language : English

Categories : ADVENTURE / MAGIC

Publisher : Penguin

Artemis Fowl And The Lost Colony is the fifth instalment in the riveting Artemis Fowl series. It continues with the adventures of the teenaged genius Artemis Fowl.

Till now, the fairies’ existence was only a matter of Artemis’ knowledge but, this time around, it’s a different game altogether. A 12-year old female genius is on the mission of capturing a demon for her own scientific experiments. However, she does not have any idea of the hell that her mission is going to let loose on Earth.

The demons are the sore enemies of humans. The only way to prevent the massacre is for Artemis to stop an ancient spell that is going to unleash the demons on the humans. If he fails, it will result in the mass destruction of the human beings at the hands of the blood-thirsty demons.

Artemis Fowl And The Lost Colony, just like its prequels, is filled with thrills, adventure and twists in the plot. It was published by Penguin UK in a re-issue edition in 2011 and it is available in paperback.

Key Features:


  • The book received a lot of positive reviews from critics, including The Times.
  • The relationship between Artemis and Holly, the female rival of Artemis, is one of the highlights of the book.
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