ISBN No : 9789380200682

Language : English


Publisher : CNBC TV 18

Nandish Desai is a business and financial coach who is fanatically passionate about coaching people. For the past few years, he has been working with entrepreneurs, senior executives and highly committed individuals from all walks of life to help them reach their full financial potential. He is known for his thought provoking ideas and unconventional coaching style. He has led several personal finance workshops for companies and individual investors across India and coached innumerable sales teams, management teams and entrepreneurs. He writes straight from his heart and his mission is to make personal finance Fun and help people fall in love with the process of wealth creation. He is the co-founder of a financial freedom movement, Wealth Club, where committed investors enjoy an environment to learn and grow their wealth. You can find him on the blog jagoadvisor.com where his vision is to help financial planners build and grow their practice. His thought provoking ideas and work have been highly appreciated by different fund houses and other financial institutions across India. Book Last page, this is not just your run of the mill typical personal finance book. If you picked up this book thinking that it would talk about traditional financial planning or financial products, this book takes you beyond traditional planning and products. Personal finance is not about numbers, it is about you and this book will help bring that change. Your financial life will change when you change, your numbers will change when you change. Your bank balance will grow when your thoughts grow and your wealth will grow when you choose to grow as a person. The book is a story told through the eyes of Sam, a hapless IT professional who needs help understanding wealth creation. The 90 Day Money Game as taught by his coach leads him out of the confusion that can be finance and investing and changes Sam's perception of personal finance and forges a new relationship between Sam and money.

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