ISBN No : 9780552139908

Language : English

Categories : FICTION

Sub Categories : THRILLER / SUSPENCE

Publisher : Random House

A spy thriller based on the Gulf War of 1991, the Fist of God is an attempt by the British and the Americans to unearth a secret weapon that is capable of causing mass destruction. A few weeks before Iraq's invasion of Kuwait, an intercepted radio signal divulges that Saddam Hussein is in possession of a weapon code-named, the Fist of God.

Before the weapon can unleash a reign of terror on the allied forces, an SAS man, Major Mike Martin (who can easily pass-off as an Arab), is sent to Kuwait to assess the strength of the Iraqi army. A discovery takes him to Baghdad and gets him to liaison with Jerico, an Iraqi spy, who divulges vital information in exchange for money. This dangerous operation delays the ground assault by the allied forces and Mike is in pursuit of the Fist of God.

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