Author : ASHU DUTT

ISBN No : 9788170948711

Language : English


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Unlocking riches that lie beyond the traditional measures of value!' 'Value lies not only in low PE, low book value, or other conventional measures of value,' says market guru and bestselling author, Ashu Dutt. 'Value originates from many sources and exists in all markets at all times. For example, catching value from structural shifts in a stock, sector or the market offers once-in-a-lifetime returns.' In this book, Ashu reveals secrets of value investing that go beyond the traditional measures of value, methods used by successful value investors, market-tested techniques that can give you the professional edge and make you very rich: How to identify market periods when the rewards will be many times the risk Why 'cheap' and 'value' are not the same thing How identifying emerging value investment themes ahead of the crowd leads to super profits Why the maximum money is made in a short span of time — and from just a few stocks When do IPOs constitute a good value buy How to find extraordinary value in investment manias, market chaos, rational bubbles, commodity cycles and market falls caused by credit squeeze Why you must lock in the sector before picking a stock How to find value in bull and bear markets How to boost your returns from the traditional metrics of value investing Value investing lessons from the masters. Plus, much, much more. Ashu Dutt is one of the most visible and respected faces in Indian financial markets. In this book he reveals value investing secrets and techniques that are typically the domain of big market players: 14 wealth-building secrets Dozens of trading rules Hundreds of profit-making and loss-protection insights.

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