ISBN No : 9780007327010

Language : English

Categories : FICTION

Sub Categories : THRILLER / SUSPENCE

Publisher : Harper Collins

In Odd Apocalypse, Odd Thomas is the protagonist and he lives between two worlds. Thomas has the ability to communicate with the lingering dead. He, along with his travelling companion, Annamaria, are invited into the mansion of a reclusive billionaire.

This magnificent sprawling West Coast property in Santa Barbara is called Roseland and is maintained by the billionaire's faithful servants. Early during his stay, Thomas has as unusual vision of a woman dressed in white, riding a horse. Her dress in stained with blood from fatal gunshot wounds. Thomas also sees that, in his vision, the sky turns an unnatural orange. Suddenly, he notices that giant bat - like creatures, with wings spanning ten feet wide, are flying all over the place.

The protagonist immediately realises that something is not right with this property in Odd Apocalypse, he also notices that the staff members are jumpy and have some very odd concerns. This worries him and he wishes to leave. However, Annamaria says that their visit to Roseland must be for some unique reason. Soon, Thomas becomes certain that this property is haunted by a profound breed of evil, whose presence makes him very frightened and uncomfortable. Find out if he is courageous and crazy enough to confront this evil.

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