2 STATE guj

Author : Chetan Bhagat

ISBN No : 9789351222774

Language : Gujarati

Categories : GUJRATI BOOKS

Sub Categories : FICTION

Publisher : R R SHETH & CO PVT LTD

2 States: The Story Of My Marriage is a funny and entertaining love story about a couple from different parts of India who want to get married. The book, inspired by events in the author's own life, begins in the campus of IIM, Ahmedabad. Krish is from Punjab and Ananya is from Tamilnadu. They meet and their casual friendship soon turns into love and they have a romantic relationship while at IIM. Then, they have to go their separate ways as they each start on their career. However, they both want to get married, and they want their families’ blessings before they do so. The problem is, their families come from different regions in India and are as different from each other as they could be. Ananya and Krish try their best to convince each other's family that they would be the deal match for their son/daughter. Which proves to be difficult as the families want their children marrying into their own communities, not someone from a distant region of the country. Being accepted by each other's family is just the first hurdle crossed. They then have to get their families to like each other. When Krish and Ananya arrange a meeting of the two families in Goa, it threatens to turn into a disaster. Ananya and Krsh are left wondering if they will ever be able to formally tie the knot. The story is told with deep humour. The contrast between the two communities and their customs provides the setting for many funny situations. This Gujarati edition of 2 States: The Story Of My Marriage was published by R. R. Sheth & Co. in 2014, in paperback. Key Features: The book has been written by one of India’s best selling authors. The Bollywood movie adaptation of 2 States: The Story Of My Marriage was released in June 2014.

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